AGADA - work in progress
            choreographed by Rotem Weissman for nein9 kollektiv.

​​​The work is derived from the Hebrew song “Agada Yapanit” (Japanese Fable), written by Ehud Manor and composed by Ariel Zilber in 1972. The song describes a pointless tragedy about blind ambition precipitating absurd and unnecessary violence, with an implication that this cycle is inevitable. In the story, a frustrated hunter encounters two white swans and kills one reflexively in a show of fierce desperation and reactivity. Because he cannot eat the swan, the hunter is then confronted with the purposelessness of his act and tormented by visions of a tortured girl. In its conclusion, the fable takes a surreal turn as the hunter returns to the river to find the second swan, which kills itself before his eyes.


In Agada, the song is used as a guiding thread. The characters, themes, and symbolism in the story are deconstructed into an abstract performance that draws from Weissman's singular movement language and the collaborative research process. Each performer in the piece embodies a specific character: the hunter, two swans, tortured girl, the progression of space-time, and the ‘oeuvre,’ with physicality somewhat informed by each archetype. While the piece is sometimes organised to mirror the story from which it emerged, the dramaturgic infrastructure is slowly dismantled to deepen its thematic exploration of chaos versus order, senseless destruction, sacrifice, and the anarchy implicit to life and death.

Choreography and Concept: Rotem Weissman

Dancers: Ariel Hayun, Jin Lee, Lena Klink, Raz Mantell, Ruby Frances Jones, Susanna Ylikoski

Residency: Tanz Station Barmer Bahnhof Wuppertal. August 2021