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Azathoth approaches cosmic horror and existential-dread; drawing on the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft and Junji Ito, and the cinematographic works of David Lynch and Masaaki Yuasa. Art which questions logic and meaning-making, twisting and bending and disorienting, proliferating and prolonging the act of interpretation itself. 

How can a performative-event manifest, invite the audience to witness, cosmic-horror, the existence of a reality beyond grasp, throwing our individual and collective understandings of belief, of truth into turmoil, madness?

The piece is devised as an experiment seeking ludonarrative harmony: for the dramaturgy and the structure of the piece to resonate. As such, dealing with instability, chaos of meaning, the piece attempt to conceptualize an a-structure – otherwise, the least plausible rigidity of structure – and develop a methodology for its emergence. A performance that is facilitated by the collective “mythology” of its participants, and the intensities of their relations to that mythology and one another – rife with potentiality that unfolds a new matrix of meaning-making with each engagement.

Artists involved

Directior: Omer Keinan
with Máté Asbót, Raz Mantell, Susanna Ylikoski
and Roi Becker

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