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nein9 is a Berlin dance and performance collective, a platform for its members' artistic practices.

We aim to engage, develop, and contribute to the Berlin dance scene with performance events, workshops, festivals, and networking opportunities. We focus on intersectionality and inclusivity: collaborating across familiar and unfamiliar genres, and stressing low barriers and accessibility at our public events. 


The collective was formed in 2021 from the necessity to bring artists together and create artist-to-artist care and support systems. Since our founding, we have developed a co-production partnership with Dock11 Theater in Berlin, which supports the performance events and festivals organized by nein9. The collective is made of core and extended members, creating an international community expanding from Germany to Sweden, France, Hungary, and South Korea. Our current core members are Lena Klink, Erika Kooki Filia, Raz Mantell, Ruby Frances Jones, Omer Keinan, and Susanna Ylikoski. 


New extended members are welcomed to join by interest and invitation.

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