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Blank Check Festival 

March 10-13, 2022

In cooperation with DOCK11 and Acker Stadt Palast

nein9 kollektiv’s Berlin debut, celebrating live art through a patchwork of recent works.

Blank Check festival presents a new generation of movement and choreography artists in their Berlin debut; a melting pot of individual pasts and presents. The festival is a space to reveal and share the recent works of nein9 kollektiv, their collaborators and invited guests. Forming a curational collage, with each evening celebrating and providing insight into radically different approaches to the performance arts. The first night foregrounds body and perception. The second, tension: grasp and release, loss and power. The third ponders balance and disharmony, through the works of invited guests. The fourth and final night, communion.  

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blank strip.png

We, nein9 kollektiv, are a Berlin based performance and movement community. We came together during the worldwide pandemic to establish a fertile ground where performance creation, research, and practice thrive. Our intention is to develop a platform to produce and publish the various works of the community’s core members, with and alongside guest collaborators. The platform intends to be a space where diverse and contrasting approaches to artmaking can be negotiated and celebrated. We invite guests to join our processes as well as to share their artistic interests.

Our current core members come from dance, and are: Ariel Hayun, Jin Lee, Lena Klink, Máté Asbóth, Omer Keinan, Raz Mantell, Rotem Weissman, Ruby Frances Jones, and Susanna Ylikoski. 

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