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nein9 bio

nein9 is a Berlin-based performance and movement community formed during the global pandemic in 2021; a platform where performance, research and practice thrive.


Since its foundation, the community has led various research practices and laboratories with the support of DIS-TANZEN Dachverband Tanz Deutschland. Members have been invited to residencies at Tanz Station – Barmer Wuppertal Bahnhof, Lake Studios Berlin, and Ada studios in Berlin, as well as collaborated on performative and videographic works with practitioners from various disciplines, Berlin-based and beyond.


nein9’s programming takes two distinct forms:


blank check: open platform for performance and teaching artistic practices.


Events that fall under this umbrella are performances and workshops hosted and curated by the community. In March 2022 nein9 debuted with Blank Check Festival at AckerStadtPalast and DockART, presenting performance-works by core members as well as international collaborators. This was followed by performances of Continuing with what has started without knowing it has and Azatoth at DockART June 2022. In May 2023, the first iteration of nein9 sessions took place in which the community members shared their current movement research and practices.


grassroots: a space for providing support and intra-community exchange; of information, knowledge, and inspiration.


Open structures that enable members, friends, and guests to explore and present current work, practises, and ideas that they are busy with. These events and forums provide opportunities to share resources and feedback, freelancer to freelancer.

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