Ariel Hayun (Israel, 1992) is active as a dancer and Pilates teacher. She received a diploma in dance from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2019), and trained at The Danceworkshop Ga’aton (IL, 2015).

As a dancer, she worked with, amongst others, Jérôme Bel (The Show Must Go On, 2019), Ingri Fiksdal (Diorama, 2019), Ahmed Khemis (Voyage de Poussières, 2019), Omer Keinan (The New Fire Ceremony, 2019), João Cidade (While The Others Go Wild, 2019), Julyen Hamilton (Collecting Water, 2018), and Ceren Oran (Urge, 2021). Currently, she is working with Søren Siebel (The Space of Unknowing, 2021).


As a choreographer, she created about flights that are about to be missed (2018) in collaboration with Lloyd Lovell, Underdiscussed (2018), and The Empty Serious Structure (2017) - supported by SEAD (AU). With Undefinables Collective, she co-created and co-produced Slug (2018), which performed at Klubkulturklub Freakadelle (AU) and Elevate Festival (AU).


In nein9 kollektiv, Ariel is involved as a dancer and production manager.


i am using movement and language as the main sources that inspire my work. i believe in the dialogue existing between the dancing body and the spectator’s body. when creating, i reach to my roots, to the stories our bodies tell.

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