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body parts shifting

Researcher: Lena Klink


Body parts shifting is a movement based research on neuroplasticity. As we establish ways of thinking and doing every day, the roads our neurons are running on, often are getting bigger. Those neurological high-ways show us on a micro scale how habits are getting embed in our bodies. In this work the body as a container shall learn how to transpose already implanted actions/reactions in new places and contexts; by using body parts in a way another part would usually work and function.

Recycle – Rediscover – Replace

How could your lips sit in your arm pit? What would be your strategy? How far can you send your imagination? How the fat of your gluts would feel in your lips? Discover and rediscover?

What does this mean? In a session I would start by discovering my mouth. What do I usually do with it? What is the anatomical and mechanical structure of this apparat? What kind of stories I connect to it? What roles my mouth can take in performing frames? How can those sensations travel through my body finding a new place to implement? How to find new ways to approach and think of my body? What are unusual ways of initiation and movements?

This neurological transplantation of senses and motoric seems infinite and can be explored with each centimetre of the body; in a developed state the embodiment to non-organic objects and materials shall be discovered. How a body can become a form? How objectified? How to work with objects without producing new ones?

Starting point and source to the research was a live-painting session, in which I was a model. The artist Yuka Tanaka drew me, never finishing my body as a whole. The combinations and overlapping of my body parts I saw after the session, inspired the design of the first frames of research:

Näyttökuva (3).png
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