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Erika/Kooki is a dancer and choreographer/dance maker. They received their dance education at CobosMika (ES, 2016) and SEAD (AU, 2022). Kooki loves to immerse in deep sensory, imagery experiences that are characterized by interdisciplinarity of different art forms, whilst thematically engaging with posthuman feminism, envisioning deconstruction and embodiment as a form of revolution.


Erika/Kooki has performed works by Elina Pirrinen, Jukstapoz, Manuel Ronda, Oded Graf, Hillel Kogan, Nicolas Vladyslav, Omer Keinan, amongst others. They have  choreographed the works an album (2023), re-flexion (2021) and det (2018). They also have experience in dramaturgy and creation assistance (and then the bores entered, 2023). They are currently based in Berlin, a member of the nein9kollektiv and offering classes in dock11 amongst other dance schools.


Erika/Kooki is a core member of nein9 since 2023.




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Bridge Full of Plants
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