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Empathy in Movement - Catalogue

The following videos are excerpts from the research ‘Empathy in Movement’ that were conducted by Susanna Ylikoski with participants from nein9 kollektiv Raz Mantell, Omer Keinan, Lena Klink, Jin Lee, and Rotem Weissman, and with guest collaborators Máté Asbót and Amit Landau. The texts are corresponding to the themes worked on each session.

For more information of the research, visit works: empathy in movement

Omer Keinan & Lena Klink
Tanzfabrik Berlin, July 2021

"To how many things are you giving attention to? When your attention stays in one place does the nature of it change, or the thing given attention to change? If your attention travels, how does it travel? Does that invoke a rhythm, a pathway? How is your body responding, is it going away, towards, somewhere else, or does it become still in relation? How is that felt in the body?"

Raz Mantell
Tanzfabrik Berlin, July 2021

"What is the difference between ‘being the author’ and ‘being the text’, ‘I am the writer’ and ‘this is what is written’? Are movements: it does, I do, in correlation to a linguistic structure and a mode of perceiving: form, content, logic, and so meaning?"

Amit Landau, Raz Mantell, Rotem Weissman & Máté Asbót
Tanzfabrik Berlin, July 2021

"What can be a non-violent relation? Three actions: one you notice, two you give attention, three you let go. What occurs then? What and where are you invited to? How do you work together? How, do you work with the impulses you receive? Do you react, copy, or respond?"

Raz Mantell, Máté Asbót & Omer Keinan
Uferstudios Berlin, July 2021

"What is the dialogue that the body is experiencing in a conversation? How does the body respond to the act of listening? What do you listen to? What is the bodily experience of listening? How do you listen to a form? Do you place the attention outside of yourself or inside?"

Raz Mantell, Lena Klink & Jin Lee
Tanzfabrik Berlin, June 2021

"How can the other bodies and the environment be the gravitational frame to yourself? What is the dynamic nature of your (de)attractions and tensions? How does that information disjoint the personal truth? What about its potentiality?"

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