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Lena Klink (Germany, 1992) is active as a choreographer, dancer, creation assistant, and producer. She received a diploma from SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2020). 

As a choreographer, she created, amongst others, mellow yellow (2019), which was invited to PERFORMdANCE 2020 at ARGEkultur Salzburg (AU); and BODIES IN T_____SPHERE (2019), which performed in Winter Dances Festival (2020) at Toihaus Theater (AU). With the collective Theaterquarantäne (DE), she was the movement director for RADIKALE PRAXIS (2019), which premiered at Sprungturm Festival (DE) 2019.

As a dancer, she worked with, amongst others, Ceren Oran (The Urge, 2021), Robert Wilson (The Messias, 2020), Meytal Blanaru (akin, 2019), Eulalia Ayguade Farro (Magnificat, 2019); and collaborated with the film maker Marlen Frieß on Blauer Kran 2.0 (2019).

As a creation assistant, she worked with Eduardo Torroja (Body Carriers, 2020), Ádrienn Hod (Sorrow for Lunch, 2019). As a producer, she is currently working with Kat Valastur on new projects (2021).

In nein9 kollektiv, Lena is involved as a dancer, choreographer, production assistant, and leads research practices. 



i am exploring facts that exist beside and deny each other, turning those into a melting pot of reality layers in harmony and disharmony. through exploring the spaces in between - new or other perspectives emerge.

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