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Ruby Frances Jones (USA, 1997) is active as a dancer, illustrator, tattooist, and certified yoga teacher. She received a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree from London Contemporary Dance School (UK, 2017). She is an International Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher, active since 2018.


As a dancer, she joined BODHI PROJECT at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AU, 2017-2018), where she worked with Lali Ayguadé (ES), Jarkko Mandelin (FI), Cecilia Bengolea (FR), and Mala Kline (BE) - performing and giving workshops throughout Europe and Asia.


As a choreographer, she created malfunction h2t (2017), in collaboration with the Guildhall School of Music, which was nominated for the David Steele Award for Student Choreography at The Place Theatre (UK).


Ruby is a core member and founding member (2020-present) of nein9.

as a dancer i am inspired by the world’s sounds; i go where the groove takes me. i want to create, witness and live inside performative work and practices that have deeply physical and emotional connective tissue— to move and be moved to move. 


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