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Susanna Ylikoski


           Dancer, Writer


…is a Finnish dancer, writer, and creator and has been living and working in the German freelance scene since 2020. She received her BA in Dance from SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2019. In addition to working in the creative fields, she has experience in festival and project production, dramaturgy, and curation. Methodologies and mannerisms of collaboration, humility, flexibility, inclusivity, and intersectionality are at the heart of how she approaches each production. 


As a choreographer, she works interdisciplinary and collaboratively, and her works are deeply situational. In them, she touches on questions of queer non-human ontologies and agencies and their application to co-existence. Physical and incorporeal limits and barriers are the compositional force of her works. Her previous works include Continuing containing, in 2022, with dance artist Raz Mantell , eventually, in 2021, with musician Jonathan Nagel, and womb in 2020, with musician Cesar B. and visual artist Christian Awe.


As a dancer she has worked with choreographers including Beatrix Joyce (WILD ACCESS, 2023), Saori Hala (AFTER AFTER SHOCK SHOCK, 2022), Alma Edelstein-Feinsilber (Baoba 2023; Ode to Phanes, 2020), Ceren Oran (Urge, 2021; Who is Frau Troffea, 2019), Barnaby Booth (Skeleton, Nice, 2020; Ilona, 2018), Omer Keinan (Azathoth, 2022; The New Fire Ceremony, 2019), Rotem Weissman (A G A D A, 2022; BAUHAUS, 2018) and Julyen Hamilton (Collecting Water, 2018); visual artists Moritz Macje and Sandra Man (Aeon, 2020). She has been an active member of TRAK Dance Ensemble (AU) since 2018. 


As a writer, she has been part of STREAM, a Tanzfabrik Berlin platform for texts motivated by live art, since its foundation in 2020. She has been published by Tanzfabrik Berlin, Apricot Productions Berlin, the magazine Care Where Zine and in the book Are you here? Zine.


She is a recipient of DISTANZEN-SOLO and TAIKE - Arts Promotion Center Finland funds in 2021/2022 for her research on Empathy in Movement, Empathy in Movement: Worldview, and Empathy in Writing.

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photo: Pavlo Kochan

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