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Blank Check Festival
Balance - 12th of March 



Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Duration: 70 minutes

Covid-19 2G+ Rule applies 


William Cardoso


Choreography: William Cardoso 

Performance: Cheyenne Vallejo and William Cardoso 

Sound creation: Guillaume Jullien

Duration: 30 minutes

Trailer- Raum

photo: Marcos Pavone

Raum is a place of encounter with our demons, our fears and our forgiveness. It is a place of confrontation and a search for inner balance in order to move forward in peace.

This performance seeks to accept the darkness that sometimes dominates us, and to soften it by creating a space without judgment and without fear. Raum is a space of liberation

and to speak out, it is a stifled cry that we have that we have kept inside us for too long.

Music session

Improvised Music Session

Inbar Livne Bar-On, Maayan Franco, Roi Becker 


Vocals: Inbar Livne Bar-On

Flute: Maayan Franco

Accordion: Roi Becker

Duration: 15 minutes

photo: Cesar B.


Omer Keinan


Omer Keinan

with Máté Asbót and Roi Becker

Duration: 15 minutes

Big thanks to Nitzan Cohen and Nava Zuckerman, and the many practitioners and friends who have taken part, over almost three years, in developing the methodologies at the heart of this process.

photo: Susanna Ylikoski

Azathoth approaches cosmic-horror and existential-dread, drawing on the literary works of H.P. Lovecraft.  The audience is invited into a meditation on hermeneutics, twisting and bending and disorienting, proliferating and prolonging the act of perception and interpretation. A play of meaning-making, transient and precarious. Savoring aporia, containing the existence of a reality beyond grasp, a tempest of beliefs and truths.


Devised as a postdramatic-experiment, the piece attempts to conceptualize an act of creation as chaotic and multiple. Seeking to manifest the disintegration of logic, the harrowing hounding for knowing the unknowable that is at the eye of cosmic horror - on the level of artmaking and performance.

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