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Blank Check Festival 2 - Evening 1 
Thursday, 21st of September, 2023

solar bear / Lena Klink

YOU CHANGE ME CHANGE / Birke van Maartens

 19:00 at DOCK ART 

solar bear - Lena Klink (World premiere)

40 minutes

Is a solo dance work in which the performer awakens in a sphere, where the boundaries between post-apocalyptic desolation and utopian dreams blur. As if fueled by the sun, possible futures are painted through memories, assumptions, and visions. Imaginations of control, dependence, and power in relation to technology and nature weave into one another, when elements on the spectrums of cyber-and solar punk are balancing.

Yet, in the complexity of reality, even the most ideal utopia desires its self-preservation and remains inherently imperfect. What is paradise to one could be another's dystopian nightmare.

solar bear asks what is that world we are going to?


Choreography, movement: Lena Klink(she/her)

Composition Sound: ASA 808(he/they)

Composition Light: Vito Walter(he/him)


YOU CHANGE ME CHANGE - Birke van Maartens

25 minutes

Change possesses the power to liberate or lay waste –a force that drives transformation. It disrupts the established order, daring to introduce something new. But is order itself a dance of ever-shifting structures and a pattern of recurring change? As we eagerly embrace change, aiming for progress, we must confront a paradox: Progress often obscures the ethical foundations we hold dear, and while we celebrate it, ethics are running behind. Within the fluid rhythm of ebb and flow, the true essence of our transient existence unfolds —a call to embrace the unfolding narrative of life itself.


Choreography, Artistic Concept: Birke van Maartens (she/her)

Performance, Co-Creation: Raul Nahum Aranha (he/him)

Audio Arrangement, Light Design: Kenji Tanaka (he/him)

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