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Blank Check Festival 2 - Evening 2
Friday, 22nd of September, 2023

 19:00 at DOCK ART 

Continuing containing - Raz Mantell and Susanna Ylikoski 
(World premiere)                                                  40 minutes

Continuing clothed.JPG

In the 2nd chapter of our research on un-naming and collaboration, we look at water. Water is indifferent and yielding as it has no form of its own, it has no self: no inside nor outside. Yet, it always has a shape as it takes the form of the other. Water both contains and is contained. Our work reflects like water does, on the mundane beautythat comes forth from a positioning of multiple perspectives. We do not want to be water, but rather like water be containers and be contained.

Creation, Performance: Raz Mantell (she/her), Susanna Ylikoski (she/her)

photo: Aïsha Mia Lethen Bird


Mythologies - Omer Keinan 

(World premiere)                                                  35 minutes

Mythologies 2.png

You are invited to share stories from your daily lives. We will break them down into images (signs) and play around with them. Through an improvisational game of signification, the signs are used to re-codify the body and generate a communal way-of-being. Aiming to excavate and weave the stories’ latent meanings, which are then manipulated and multiplied to become symbolic. 

By examining how we retell and narrate our own experiences, we can reveal our mythology: A cultural phenomenon which shapes a community’s morals and practices. A “natural” common-sense (and symbolic-order) which alters our understanding of reality and agency to interact with it. 

By Omer Keinan 

With Erika Kooki Filia, Lena Klink

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