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Blank Check Festival 2 - Evening 3
Saturday, 23rd of September, 2023

an album / Erika Kooki Filia 

STAY HYDRATED / Useless Machines 

 19:00 at DOCK ART 

an album - Erika Kooki Filia (World premiere)

25 minutes

This piece should be approached as a short amateur punk album, where we will co-sing futile systemic grievances, try to flirt and observe the idea of deconstructing ballet, whilst decorating a Christmas tree that will descend to nothingness. Bound by informality this piece will try to knit short personal and collective commentaries around patterned embodiment of social defeat in four choreographic ‘songs'.


Choreography, performance: Erika Kooki Filia (they/them)


STAY HYDRATED - Useless Machines 

40 minutes

Stay Hydrated 1.jpg

A physical theater performance combining dance, sport, comedy and of course a lot of water. Experimenting with transforming a simple and common action such as drinking water into a sportive and artistic act.

An improvisational practice reflecting on our consumption of water in everyday life: Make your water drinking into a mindfulness exercise. Bring the glass to your lipsthenslowly tip the glass.Just a bit and keep it there. Breathe, give it some oxygen, caress it with your tongue, experience the water, become the water. Swallow, feel it run down your throat and there it is. You have just taken the first sip of water in your life.


Creation, Performance: Elliot Norell Strinno, Elias Kraft, Hyungjin Lee, Simon Chatelain

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