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Blank Check Festival
Grasp and Release - 11th of March 



Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Duration: 85 minutes

Covid-19 2G+ Rule applies 


Rotem Weissman


Choreography: Rotem Weissman
Co-Creation: Jin Lee
Performance and Vocals: Inbar Livne Bar

Duration: 18 minutes

Thanks to Susan Quinn Eckart and Nada Choi

photo: Rotem Weissman

weed explores the distortion of physical movement through the desire and love of the body to move. The audience is invited to question and bear witness to a surreal journey, and investigate the in-between moments of life and death.

weed emerges through themes of distorted, disconnected, and connected bodies, and concludes with a sense of absence and desolation. The dancers represent live presence, while the smashed body expresses the truth, the reality.



Ruby Frances Jones

ruby solo

Creation and performance: Ruby Frances Jones

Duration: 12 minutes

illustration: Ruby Frances Jones

Grasp and release. What follows is a body, carried by wind, sacrificed to earth. This is a solo for my father. 


The New Fire Ceremony

Omer Keinan

The New Fire Ceremony 4.jpg

Omer Keinan
with Maria Pasadaki, Máté Asbót, and Susanna Ylikoski


Big thanks to Ariel Hayun, and Margareta Firinger, Sam Huczkowski, and Samuli Emery; Jelka Milic, Janyce Michellod, Milla Koistinen, Maja Poturovic, Douglas Bateman and Susan Quinn Eckart.

Originally developed for stage in collaboration with SEAD and performed at ARGEkultur Salzburg. Later adapted to an online performance in collaboration with Viral Festival (Israel), and premiered through Zoom in April 2020.

The ceremony is structured as a chain of competitions and deliberations.
The competitions take the form of improvised performances.

After each competition, the audience will cast a vote and choose their favorite.

The ceremony ends when only one competitor remains.

A brief discussion (in English) after the show will reframe the piece as a research in and through aesthetics as a function of the spectators’ phenomenology.

The New Fire Ceremony
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